7 Caribbean Bucket List Beaches

Caribbean beaches have an enviable reputation. And rightly so. But if you’re planning a trip to the sun-kissed islands, here are my favourite unmissable beaches.

Orient Beach

The Orient Beach is known as “the Caribbean’s French Riviera,” and it is St. Martin’s flagship beach. This beach is the home to various restaurants and beach bars, offering different menus, from formal French to local fare, burgers, and pizzas. Split into two sections, you can be on ‘the nude side’ or ‘the prude side’ …well you are on holiday after all!

Palm Beach

Palm Beach boasts perfect swimming conditions in cool water set against white sand. The resorts on this beach make it more packed than any other of Aruba’s beaches, so it’s not an isolated spot, but it’s a stunner nonetheless.

Horseshoe Bay

Technically Bermuda isn’t a Caribbean islands, but it’s my page so I’m going rogue and including it anyway. Horseshoe bay is a famous attraction, located on the south coast of the main island. The sand is fine and looks almost pink. The weather here is subtropical, so it’s warm from May to October, but rainy and chilly the rest of the time.

Punta Cana

The jewel in the Dominican Republic’s crown, Punta Cana has everything you could ever want from a beach and more… if you like beaches with a lot going on, that is. There’s every activity under the sun, as well as shopping, golf and even a water park. 

Reduit Beach

Most of St Lucia’s beaches are quite short, but not this one. Stroll for miles and dip into the tranquil waters to cool down along the way. It’s famous on the island and is surrounded by prestigious resorts, as well as being lined with fantastic fish restaurants. 

Playa Paraiso

Cayo Largo del Sur plays host to this beauty. Miles of fine white sand and clear waters, like something straight off a postcard. Kick back under a palm tree and enjoy a cool rum. This is the stuff dreams are made of. Check out the Playa Paraiso, which offers fantastic food.

Seven Mile Beach

The longest beach in Jamaica, it’s surrounded by hotels but very much embodies the island’s carefree, laid-back attitude. The atmosphere is buzzing and the music streams out of every shop and restaurant along the back of the beach – a real must-visit destination. 

All this talk of beaches got you in the mood for some sun? Good! Let’s talk. 


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