6 Quintessential European Experiences

Europe’s got a huge amount going on. No matter what you’re into, there’s something amazing in store for you.

After much pondering, I managed to somehow (don’t ask me how) pare down my very long list of quintessential experiences into these six things you simply must do once…

Stroll along Primrose Hill

London has so many attractions to look at and experience, but have you ever walked on Primrose Hill?

When I say it’s steeped in history I really mean it… for example you’ll find  Shakespeare’s Tree along the way – an oak planted in 1864. Time it right and you’ll arrive at the top just as the sun sets, which will give you the most spectacular view of the city’s skyline. 

Enjoy pintxos in San Sebastian

San Sebastian in Spain is known for its tapas, (or pintxos). They do it a little differently here and it’s incredible. Find a pintxos bar, take a beer, grab some snacks made with fresh cheese, vegetables, and freshly caught fish – then sit back and enjoy it on the beach as the surf rolls in.

Ride a water taxi in Venice

You know the deal with Venice, you’ve seen the pictures – but is that enough? Goodness no. Get yourself down to this sumptuous city of luxury and experience one for yourself. If you’re lucky your ‘driver’ may even sing to you!

Traverse the canals in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the city on two wheels – there are bicycles everywhere! Join in the fun and rent a bike, to ride along famous canals, such as Prinsengracht. This will give you glimpses of amazing 17th-century waterways and canal houses. 

Take a soak in a thermal bath

The thermal baths are one of many highlights in Budapest. The Hungarian architectural gems surround an intricate network of steam rooms, saunas, and warm pools, fed by natural water springs. While the city is packed with thermal spas, I recommend the 16th-century Turkish-built baths. Do also check out Gellert, the world-famous  Art Nouveau hotel on the banks of the Danube.

Gaze at the glaciers

Svalbard in Norway was made famous by the Northern Lights books – but locals have long coveted its beauty. Take a trip on one of the many ships, to marvel at the epic glaciers, see the walruses, and even spot polar bears.


I know it sounds mad but you forget all this beauty is so close at hand. If you feel the same and have got itchy feet, let’s talk about your next European break.


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