Top 5 Water Sports Holiday Ideas in Tenerife

Home to both black and golden sand beaches and crystalline waters, Tenerife is the perfect holiday destination to rule the waves, thanks to its year-round warm climate. Some of the top water sports to do in Tenerife include:

1. Surfing: Tenerife is most popularly known amongst the surfing community for its countless beaches and rolling waves, promising the perfect surf every time. With 33 locations across the island like Playa de Las Américas and Playa del Médano, there are waves suitable for beginners up to the most seasoned surfer.

2. Windsurfing, kitesurfing or wingfoiling: Tenerife’s south-eastern coast has more than 300 windy days per year, which makes it a top destination for windsurfers, and a great place to learn the sport. For an adrenaline-fuelled experience, visitors can also try kitesurfing or wingfoiling, the new craze that uses a board with a hydrofoil attached underneath.

3. Scuba Diving: Tenerife is brimming with over 40 diving sites, including El Peñón, an abandoned shipwreck turned artificial reef off the coast of Tabaiba. Each site offers an exciting glimpse into the vibrant marine life, turtles and whales living in the Atlantic Ocean.

4. Kayaking: Kayaking is an immersive way to explore the coastline of Tenerife, and see geological formations such as caves, coves and the impressive Los Gigantes, the 600 metre rock cliffs found on the west coast. Paddling through the waves offers a unique opportunity to see the island’s natural beauty up close.

5. Stand-up Paddleboarding: Put your balance to the test and try your hand at stand-up paddleboarding, and explore the shores of Tenerife while getting some exercise at the same time.

With sunshine promised all year round, Tenerife is the first-choice destination for an active water sports getaway.